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Garrison S.

I give my highest recommendation for my attorney Tim Rountree.

A quote from his website states: “My goal is to beat your DWI case, help you through the stress of criminal accusation and to get you back to normal life.” Mr. Rountree has done this and so much more for me.

Amid the Covid disaster, he stuck with me and supported me by keeping me updated on the status with my DWI case. A deal could have been made, but he chose not to take the easy way out. I was charged a flat rate, with no surprises. As of November 1st 2021, my case is now dismissed. I am relieved and very thankful for Mr. Rountree’s ability to bring my worries to an end. Again, I highly recommend Tim Rountree to any one who might find themselves in a DWI situation some day. You will be in great hands.

Tim Rountree has restored my faith in attorneys. My husband and I have used various types of counsel throughout our lives and became cynical toward the entire legal profession UNTIL we met Attorney Tim Rountree. His compassion, trustworthiness and candor are so refreshing! He is an asset to the judicial system and I will always be grateful for his expertise, perseverance and professionalism.

Melanie D.

Tim Rountree has restored my faith in attorneys. My husband and I have used various types of counsel throughout our lives and became cynical toward the entire legal profession UNTIL we met Attorney Tim Rountree. His compassion, trustworthiness and candor are so refreshing! He is an asset to the judicial system and I will always be grateful for his expertise, perseverance and professionalism.

Thesus W.

I would like to personally thank and recommend Mr. Rountree to anyone who unfortunately finds themselves accused of a DWI. I got my case solved TODAY with a dismissal. He is not only a lawyer, he is very patient and consoling. I was losing my mind, made it 25 years and have never got in any trouble and as a young adult I felt that I was being too bothersome; and Mr. Rountree assured me every step of the way. And started the process same day. He does truly make you feel like you are his only client. Do not take a chance with your future with anyone else. He did not pressure me to plea, he simply heard my case and was only on board with any decisions that I wanted to make. No matter how bad it may have looked in my eyes he assured me that there were options and that in the end things would be alright. He is willing to work with you on a payment plan and does not make you feel like a number. Thank you for all your work and surly will recommend Tim Rountree to anyone that need A great DWI attorney.

Michael A.

After being assigned a court appointed attorney I was told I’d be looking at over 10 years in prison. Instead of settling on that I hired Mr. Rountree to represent me. Even with a few trips to TDCJ on my record, including one for DWI, Mr. Rountree was able to get me probation for my 4th DWI. The energy that he put into my case along with his optimism was what led to my outcome. He was able to prove to the court that I deserved an opportunity to prove myself while on probation. We were blessed to have come across this wonderful attorney!

Sandra R.

407 days of waiting and stressing in court, Tim Rountree came through for me in the best imaginable way. 407 days of fighting a DWI2 came through with a dismissal. Don’t trust the system, trust your Attorney. I trusted him fully and knew he had my best interests in heart. Be patient and give your trust to Mr. Rountree. I have my life back. I’m am happy I was referred to him. Fees are incredibly fair. Worth every penny for my outcome. I highly recommend Mr Rountree and you won’t be disappointed.

Melvin L.

STOP and read our experience with Tim Rountree. There is no time more scary than getting a call from your son from the back seat of a cop car saying “Mom, please help me! I am being arrested for DWI” and being three hours away! So you say “Don’t worry I am on the way!” After driving to San Antonio and waiting hours for him to be released I did exactly what you are doing… I Googled “DWI attorneys in SA” and read the reviews. My first call was to Tim. He was very reassuring he would take care of my boy so we decided to go with Tim and did not make another call.

All I can say is you have to trust the process. There were times I stressed. This was my son’s future. Tim noticed a lot of things wrong with the case. He interviewed the police officer at his ALR hearing and kept us informed. I pray that everyone has the outcome my son did but every case is different. My son was blessed to have his case dismissed and I pray to never have to go through this again. But… if I did there is no one else I would want on our side but Tim!

Isail G.

I live five hrs away and got arrested for DWI in San Antonio, and I made the right decision to hire Tim to represent me. He’s awesome. He managed to get my DWI charge taken off and was always reasonable and helpful when it came up to making my payments. I highly recommend!

Omar T.

Tim was awesome. I got arrested for the first time with a DWI over 1.5 BAC. I am a current DACA recipient, and was extremely concerned about my future.

Tim walked me through my options and was super understanding when I fell behind on payments. He connected me to an immigration lawyer, and between the 2, I got all the support I could of hoped for. Glad to say he got my charges dropped to a obstruction of highway with deferred adjudication. Thanks Tim!

Gabriel G.

Mr. Rountree was able to get my DUI dismissed. From the start Tim was on point making sure he had all the information and evidence SAPD had in their possession. He was able to use this information to his advantage. It is important to give all the information as you know it to Mr. Rountree so that he can find any irregularities in the evidence. You have to be true to yourself and Tim so that he can make sound decisions. Tim was able to question the two SAPD officers in such a way that he was able to have the two contradict each other! Tim was also able to question the blood test taken and had ordered a subsequent test which   Ultimately rendered a dismissal.

This was a very trying time for my family and I. I wish to never have to go through this ordeal ever again. If you should find yourself in this position, I suggest hiring Tim Rountree as your lawyer. He worked diligently on my behalf. For this I will be forever grateful!

Melissa R.

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Rountree. I was arrested a little over 2 years ago in San Antonio on my 5th DWI. I did some research and found out that I was facing up to a 10 year prison sentence. I attempted to call several attorneys, Tim was the only attorney that returned my call on that Saturday afternoon. Mr. Rountree was very understanding and informative about my situation. With his help and encouragement, we came up with a plan of action. I’m glad to say, I went to court last week and my case was settled. I am currently serving 4 years probation. What started off as a prison sentence got reduced to a 6 years probation and then was even further reduced down to 4 years probation. I would highly recommend Tim Rountree as an attorney to anyone truly looking for a resolution with knowledgeable representation by your side. Thanks again Tim!

Gabriel J.

Tim is the best DWI attorney anybody can ever ask for. If you’re looking for a DWI attorney save yourself some time & money and give Tim a call, you won’t regret it. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Thanks Mr. Rountree. 


Rountree got the weight off my shoulders… I knew I was in good hands from the beginning. Communication was key for me and kept me abreast of any developments.  His price is very doable and within my tight budget. Given the circumstances surrounding my case, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. He’ll work with you and give you peace of mind.

Michelle Z.

Mr. Rountree helped a family member and deserves more than 5 stars. I was so impressed with his professionalism, communication and ability to get desired outcomes. He either answered his phone when I called or called me before the end of the day (and explained he was in court all day), he offered a payment plan and was very reasonable $$, he attended every court date himself, he explained what type of outcome we could reasonable expect and exceeded those expectations. We dealt with him directly (not a paralegal or receptionist)—he gets it done!

Isaac F.

So I was a complete nervous wreck before contacting Mr. Rountree. I had absolutely no clue on what to expect with the situation I was in but he was so very kind and patient with all the thousands of questions I had and put my mind at ease. He made the entire process very simple and kept reassuring me that everything would be okay. I had complete confidence and trust in him and he was able to drop my charge against me! He was fantastic throughout it all and was truly sincere about helping me before and after court. I am so very thankful for everything he did for me and I highly recommend Mr. Rountree.

Birdie C.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a DUI/DWI attorney to hire Mr. Rountree. He is an attorney with the utmost in knowledge and experience in his field. He was able to get all of my charges dismissed. He has helped me save money, time and allowed me to keep my record clean. Along with his extensive knowledge, experience and professionalism his fees are extremely reasonable. I would recommend him to anyone I know. He is an elite lawyer in his field.

John M.

Tim was a fantastic attorney. He made the entire process from payment to closing my case completely affordable and understandable. I loved receiving updates and reminders via his online web portal where i could keep track of everything coming up thanks to Tim. If you’re looking for someone who knows what he’s doing and will take care of your case to the best of his ability, I most definitely recommend Tim Rountree!

Marc J.

I highly recommend Mr. Tim Rountree to anyone looking for the best defense attorney in town that handles DWI and related issues. I credit Mr. Rountree with saving my livelihood and enabling my recovery by working diligently to reduce the DWI 3rd felony charge against me to a Class A misdemeanor. He further used his skills to negotiate two years probation in lieu of 5-6 years in jail. He is a 5 Star Plus!

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