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February 5, 2024February 7, 2024

DWI / Intoxication Cases—That's All I Do Bexar County Police Departments If you or a loved one has been arrested for DWI in Bexar County, Texas, turn to Tim Rountree, a top-rated DWI attorney in Bexar County. With over 20 years of experience as a former prosecutor and attorney, Tim is dedicated to safeguarding your...

June 5, 2023January 3, 2024
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DWI / Intoxication Cases—That's All I Do Client Reviews Garrison S. I give my highest recommendation for my attorney Tim Rountree. A quote from his website states: "My goal is to beat your DWI case, help you through the stress of criminal accusation and to get you back to normal life.” Mr. Rountree has done...

April 7, 2023February 7, 2024

DWI / Intoxication Cases—That's All I Do Can I Still Drive?I was arrested for DWI and the police took my driver license. Can I still drive? When you are arrested for DWI, in most cases, they will take your driver’s license. This does not mean you cannot drive. The fact that you were arrested for...

March 27, 2023February 7, 2024
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DWI / Intoxication Cases—That's All I Do First DWI Consequences First DWI offenses without any other aggravating circumstances are class B misdemeanors in Texas. The maximum punishment is 180 days in jail, a $2,000.00 fine and an additional statutory state fine of $3,000.00. You can also receive up to two years probation. Aggravating factors increase...

March 27, 2023June 4, 2023

DWI / Intoxication Cases—That's All I Do DWI Case Dismissed After ALR Hearing The ALR hearing (driver license hearing) is critical for setting up a DWI defense. In this case, the ALR hearing allowed me to develop and lock down conflicting observations between the initial officer that spoke to my client and the DWI officer...

March 17, 2023June 4, 2023

DWI / Intoxication Cases—That's All I Do DWI 2nd Crash Case Dismissed MC* was arrested for her second DWI after crashing into two parked cars. When the officer arrived at the crash scene, MC was seated in the driver’s seat and was highly intoxicated. The vehicle was off and was inoperable. There were several empty...

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