ALR Suspension - How long?
Driver’s License Suspension Lengths
July 11, 2014
What To Do If You Were Arrested For DWI
July 11, 2014

Transcript of Video:

If you have been arrested for DWI there is one deadline you don’t want to miss.  I’m Tim Rountree.  I’m a San Antonio DWI lawyer and I want to talk to you about the Administrative License Revocation Hearing.

You see most people don’t know this.  But when you are arrested for DWI two cases start. The DWI case against you in the criminal courts and a license revocation action.  These cases are very different.  They have different courthouses, different prosecutors, and different penalties.

But one thing stays the same.  The officer that stopped and arrested you is the main witness in both cases.  So, if we ask for this hearing, not only do we get to fight for your license.  But we also get a chance to cross-examine the officer that arrested you and develop important evidence that will help you in your DWI case.

Now here is the deadline – fifteen days from the date of your arrest.  If we miss that deadline,  the opportunity to have that hearing is gone and you don’t want to miss it because that could be the difference between a guilty and a not guilty in your case.