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July 11, 2014
What To Expect On Your First DWI Court Date
February 13, 2015

Transcript of Video: Hi, I’m Tim Rountree and I am a San Antonio DWI lawyer.  I want to share with you three things you need to do if you were arrested for DWI.   The first thing is to write everything down.  Get as much detail down about your arrest, from just before you were stopped all the way through to the time you were released from jail.  These details will help you. What were you doing with the officer pulled you over.  What conversation did you have with him and what did he say to you.  Where were the field sobriety tests done and what was that area like.  From these details, your lawyer will spot problems in the case that will help you and make your defense stronger. Second, you need to preserve the evidence in our case.  For example, do you have a receipt from the restaurant that shows what you had to drink and what time you left. Or, were you with people just before you were arrested, during your arrest, or just after your arrest?  Have you talked to them to find out if they thought you were intoxicated?  If you wait several months, they are not going to remember the details so you need to talk to them now.  Whatever you do, save the evidence, because that is going to help your case. The third thing you can do is hire a lawyer you trust, give them all this information, and let them take it from there.  DWI arrests are stressful.  You want to talk with your lawyer and work closely with him.  But, you need to let him handle your defense while you go on with your life.  That’s going to help you both int the court and out of the court. So if you want strong defense in a DWI case you need to write everything down, save the evidence, give it to a lawyer you trust, and let them handle your defense.