I know that paying legal fees is a struggle for many people.  While my fees are not the least expensive that you will find, I am able to charge a reasonable fee that allows me to do all the work required to give you an excellent defense.

To get the best result in a DWI case, it is important to investigate the case from the very beginning, fight the license suspension at the ALR hearing, review the breath testing/blood testing records, and be willing to defend the case all the way through a jury trial if necessary.  My fixed fee covers all my work from your arrest all the way through trial, and even filing an expunction to clear your record once your defense is complete.  No surprises and no hidden fees.

I offer payment plans and in many cases can begin with a reasonable down payment.  I also accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

If you have questions about my fee or how I can help you, please call me.  I would be glad to talk with you.